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Need A Ride Now?

Why fly when you can ride?

Who Are We?

We are your trusted partner in the Southeast for Point to Point Travel for you and your family. Fly By Car is your answer to the hassle often associated with Airline Travel.

  1. 3 hour early arrival before departure.
  2. TSA screening, taking off shoes, and restricting items to carry on
  3. Charges for extra luggage
  4. Long lines
  5. Parking Fees
  6. Being Bumped from your flight
  7. Cramped Uncomfortable Seating
  8. Airline Food
  9. Airline Fees
  10. Don’t want to take small children on a plane

With Fly By Car you are in control. Here is what makes us different

  1. We pick you and your luggage up at your home
  2. We stop when you want to eat or for bathroom stops
  3. We provide a clean comfortable ride and privacy
  4. We provide charging stations for your devices
  5. We provide a tablet to view Netflix or Hulu for your journey

We provide car service with clean comfortable sedans for your trip for both local travel and Point to Point destinations throughout the following Southeastern States,







North Carolina

South Carolina